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Work/Life Balance

Friday 10th March 2017

The theme a lot of my conversations have taken this week seem to be centred around striking a work/life balance. This is something that a lot of us strive for yet find so difficult to achieve. So, let’s break it down and think about what the difficulty is:


Is it a feeling of guilt for taking time out of your day when you should be working?


Does it seem self-indulgent to go for a walk, meet a friend for coffee or do a bit of shopping? Or is it just simply too hard to justify when the work is piling up?

The thing is, your thoughts around it should not be a barrier to stopping it. It is something we should consider an important part of life and self-care. And without it will we ever be truly happy or successful anyway? In today's modern society we are doing much more and at a faster pace. We are catching up on emails before bed, updating our social media morning noon and night. Always thinking about our next move, what we have on over the next few days and how we'll get done what we need too.


The very fact that it is called a work/life balance suggests there needs to be both in life!


So is a hour to ourselves doing something we enjoy every few days or week a bad thing? Of course it isn't, it's necessary for us to keep functioning and not burn out. It doesn’t matter how you see it, just put that to one side and give it a go anyway. Look on it as self-care to maintaining and growing, and when you view it that way you'll start to recognise just how important it is. The key is planning it in to your day or week. If you have difficulty allowing this time for yourself plan it in. Give your mind a chance to recognise that it is an important part of that day. And like with anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.


All you need to do now is think about what you’d like your time off to look like. What does it involve? And what is possible to put in your diary within the next week? Then do it!!! Give it a go, because honestly, it’s called a work/life balance for a reason



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