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Random Act of Kindness

Monday 26th June 2017

I'm not very often in a town centre first thing in the morning as I'm usually doing the school run or playing Lego if it's a weekend! However recently I found myself in Sheffield city centre rather early in the morning. As we walked through the town a young looking woman walking in front started to speed up closer to a man who was homeless and sleeping. As we chatted away we saw her quickly leave a takeaway tea and a little bag (which looked like one you'd have a croissant in) a stirrer and some sugar sachets. No sooner had they been placed on the floor than she speedily walked off in another direction not once looking back.


I couldn't help but feel a sense of warmth at what had just happened. A random act of kindness. She didn't wait around to be thanked in fact she made it clear she didn't want praise from anyone. Her knowing she'd done that was enough.


It feels a little strong saying it now but it actually made my day. That man, who I can only imagine wakes up in a morning feeling tired, cold, hungry and maybe despair quite possible woke up thinking there's more good in the world than you think. A stranger cares enough to buy him breakfast to help his day go a little better.


When you do a random act of kindness you might not only change the day for that one person but an onlooker too.



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