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Are you qualified?

Yes, I am. I have worked with clients for many years yet it was important for me to gain a qualification in coaching before starting my business. I am also an accredited practitioner coach with the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring) which is a governing body of coaches. I also hold qualifications in Training and Counselling.

Where would our sessions be held?

Over the telephone, via Skype or we'd meet at my base in Sheffield City Centre

How often do sessions take place?

This really depends upon your need. Usually every fortnight but this is something we'd talk about before the sessions started and evaluate as we work together. We will also keep contact via email in between sessions.

What will you actually do?

Lots of things – sessions are tailored to your own need based on what you’d like to work on. Core Psychological principles underpin the coaching which concentrates on your present to future. But this isn’t about me, its all about you and what you’ll actually do!

What should I do next?

Book your free session to try it out. Ring me or use the contact form and I will be in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions


In what ways can you work with a business?

I can deliver workshops for staff of all size teams and/or support individuals on a 1:1 basis.

How do I know what will work for us?

We will meet initially and discuss your business, staff, challenges and outcomes. This will give me the understanding needed to be able to recommend what I believe will be of most benefit. We will then review this together to ensure it fits your company.

What is the cost?

Group workshops and 1:1 sessions are priced according to the amount of staff included and the length of the workshops. Prices will be included with my proposal and of course can be discussed when we meet.

Will the product be tailored to my company and needs?

Yes it will be. The interactive workshops are based on core themes and are filled with related content. Once I have a good understanding of your company and staff, I will personalise the training to your needs to ensure it relates specifically to your industry and staff needs.

What should I do next?

Get in touch to book a no obligation meeting.

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