From a young age, I had a natural ability to interact with others. This led me down the path of counselling, where I started my work in the Bereavement field, before working as a High School Counsellor. Following on from both positions, I joined an Alcohol Service as a Counsellor. It is here that I have spent a large proportion of my career in a dual role – Counsellor and Training Team Coordinator.


Working with clients who have alcohol problems had its challenges, yet it was extremely rewarding. A large part of the population drink to excess to cope with stress. However, as well as this impacting on health it also affects anxiety, depression and our ability to fully function. Throughout my career, I have worked with people on self-confidence, stress, managing a work/life balance, addictions, bereavement, anxiety, and career progression to name a few.


My passion is for people to excel and live the life that they wish. Seeing clients progress and develop in ways they always hoped for but never thought possible is the very reason I coach people! It is a privilege to be able to support clients to reach their potential.

I have had many situations in my own life where coaching has made a massive difference. Understanding my own mindset and changing it to one that works for me has been key to get me to where I am today. I truly believe we can achieve anything we want to!


I live in Sheffield with my husband and son. When we’re not busy at work and school we enjoy spending time as a family, eating out and going on walks.

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